Wall -hanging roll of curtain lamp



The utility model discloses a wall -hanging roll of curtain lamp, including the shell, the lid closes the upper cover of outer shell roof mouth, the light -emitting component of joint in the shell, and set up in in the shell to the book curtain formula lamp shade at shell top is fixed in through the upper cover, light -emitting component includes the fluorescent tube, sets up respectively in the left and right spring mechanism of fluorescent tube both sides, sets up the adjustable resistance on left spring mechanism or right spring mechanism, and with the power that adjustable resistance is connected, a left side spring mechanism with roll up curtain formula lamp shade bottom and link to each other through left lifting rope, right spring mechanism with roll up curtain formula lamp shade bottom and link to each other through right lifting rope, with adjustable resistance lies in and is provided with the handle switch on the lifting rope with one side. The utility model discloses light becomes bright gradually when turning on light, can give procedure of adaptation of eyes, is unlikely to too dazzling, closes the lamp -hour, and light is the deepening gradually, also can build the atmosphere of a sleep, change in the sleep, and the lamp -hour shrink of lamp shade pass is folding, has avoided being infected with the dust, has reduced the washing number of times.




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