Steel core copper strands



The utility model provides a steel core copper strands, including locate the center the steel core layer, the steel core layer includes three steel core lines, the steel core line is a nickel plating high -carbon steel wire, the surface of steel core line is equipped with four vertical archs of evenly distributed, the skin on steel core layer is the isolation layer, the steel core layer with it has the insulating cement to fill between the isolation layer, the skin of isolation layer is copper line layer, copper line layer is formed by the transposition of the copper line more than 3 or 3, the skin on copper line layer still is equipped with the protective layer. The utility model provides a steel core copper strands, simple structure, manufacturing cost is lower, has higher intensity, pulling force and better electric conductive property, and through pack the insulating cement in inside, can reduce electrostatic interference, and insulating nature is good, and light in weight is easily practical.




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