Read chair with remove limiting idler wheel



The utility model relates to a read chair with remove limiting idler wheel, including reading the chair main part, install in the reading chair main part and to turn over the books backup pad of rolling over, it installs the gyro wheel and installs gyro wheel arresting gear to read the lower extreme of the supporting legs of chair main part, gyro wheel arresting gear is including installing hinge on the supporting legs, linking firmly in the epaxial braking piece of hinge and spur the piece, braking piece and pulling piece are located supporting legs both sides around respectively, and the roller shaft top of gyro wheel is arranged and be close to in to the braking piece, the pulling piece passes through the manual thumb wheel of stay cord joint support foot upper end to be connected, stirs manual thumb wheel, drives the braking piece through stay cord, pulling piece and hugs closely the roller shaft and realize the braking, the armrest part who reads the chair main part has horizontal slide rail, and the books backup pad can be rotated by relative slide rail on the slide rail through slip pivot slidable mounting, last still the articulating of armrest part has the rocker, and the upper end of rocker has the handle, and the lower extreme of rocker is the hydraulic stem and installs the drive wheel.




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