Rotatory traffic lights of function when holding concurrently note



The utility model provides a rotatory traffic lights of function when holding concurrently note, includes the lamp pole and sets up at the inboard light source of lamp pole that the equipartition has four slits on the lamp pole circumference, and the lamp pole outside is encircleed and is provided with the sleeve, and the sleeve can be rotatory for the lamp pole, evenly seted up four group's through -holes on the sleeve, every group through -hole includes threely and is right angled triangle, the through -hole divide into red transparent material through -hole, yellow transparent material through -hole and green transparent material through -hole respectively, and all the other materials are all opaque, the sleeve is an internal diameter and the similar cylinder pipe of lamp pole external diameter, can be rotatory around the lamp pole to it is right angled triangle owing to setting up the through -hole on the sleeve to make four directions show the pilot lamp respectively, so when the sleeve rotated, the light source is constantly changeable through the vertical length of right angled triangle through -hole, and was more and more littleer along with right -angle side length, also signal lamp number second of just explanation demonstration this moment lessens gradually, the utility model has the characteristics of simple structure, low in cost.




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