Device is drawn out with electronic type birds in farmland



The utility model discloses a device is drawn out with electronic type birds in farmland, including bionical sparrow model, telescopic link, base and control circuit, the telescopic link sets up on base upper portion, the lower extreme of telescopic link and base fixed connection, and the upper end of telescopic link and the lower extreme fixed connection of bionical sparrow model, control circuit sets up inside bionical sparrow model, the surface of bionical sparrow model is equipped with switch S, base NULL NE555 when control circuit includes, the bird is simulation NULL KD56012, diode VD1, VD2, potentiometre RP1, RP2, DC power supply GB, resistance R1~R5, the bird is play device, transistor V, electrolytic capacitor C1, C2~C7, electric capacity C2, C8. Portable not only, the low price, the farmland is guided to around to the birds that will fly to the farmland that moreover can be fine to guarantee the harvest of crops, it does not have any influence to the human body in addition.




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