Two goat's horns of bimetal liquid forging outer chain plate that cuts somebody's hair



The utility model discloses a bimetal liquid forging do two goat's horns push away first outer chain plate, package rubbing board form pole is equipped with shaft hole and draw -in groove in the one end of adj. Tabular pole, equipped with two goat's horns at the other end of adj. Tabular pole and push away head and T shape axle, adj. Tabular pole comprises 16Mn cast steel section, bimetal mixed phase section and 60GrMnSi steel section, be there wear -resisting pair of goat's horn of 60GrMnSi steel to push away at the 60GrMnSi of adj. Tabular pole steel section liquid forging the head, the length of bimetal mixed phase section is greater than 1.5 times of adj. Tabular pole thickness, still is equipped with " doing " font reinforcing implantation spare in adj. Tabular pole, are two transverse bars of reinforcing implantation spare located the 16Mn cast steel section and the 60GrMnSi steel section of adj. Tabular pole, this bimetal respectively liquid forging do two goat's horns push away it is good that a wearability is cut somebody's hair to two goat's horns of first outer chain plate, and the adj. Tabular tensile strength of pole portion, impact toughness are high.




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