Cake slabbing machine



The utility model relates to a cake slabbing machine, including first cutting bed and second cutting bed, first cutting bed and the orthogonal connection of second cutting bed, the feed end of first cutting bed is equipped with the push pedal, and the push pedal is connected with horizontal cylinder, the second cutting bed be equipped with fore -and -aft conveyer belt, the right side limit of conveyer belt is in in the stroke of push pedal, first cutting bed be equipped with with the first rotor of push pedal stroke looks vertically, the second cutting bed be equipped with with conveyer belt direction looks vertically second rotor, first rotor and second rotor on all be equipped with the even blade in a plurality of intervals. This scheme adopts two sets of rotors of orthogonal setting to carry out crosscut and rip cutting in proper order to the cake, cut efficiently, and the cake piece outward appearance after the cutting is complete, is favorable to sellingly.




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