Hoist stopper support



The utility model discloses a hoist stopper support, which comprises a bracket body, the support body includes the crossbeam, be provided with the spout on the crossbeam, the both ends of crossbeam are all overlapped and are equipped with the support column, the support column includes the bottom plate, stopper and two supports divide the post, and be provided with the baffle between two support branch posts, the bottom symmetry of bottom plate is provided with the gyro wheel, it all is provided with the hydraulic press to support the both sides of dividing the post, support and divide the post to include that first support divides post and second to support and divides the post, first support divides and is provided with draw -in groove no. 1 on the post, the second support to divide be provided with on the post with a draw -in groove corresponding fixture block no. 1. This hoist stopper support makes support body have collapsible advantage, makes the stopper of this physical stamina of support through the adaptation different grade type that receive and releases of support column, and during this volumetric shrinkage of support, the volume of support body reduces greatly, has made things convenient for the removal of support body, and it is more nimble to make the support body receive and release, has improved the maneuverability of support body.




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