Refrigeration equipment's bearing protection device



The utility model relates to a refrigeration equipment's bearing protection device, the utility model aims to provide a can effectively protect refrigeration equipment's bearing, extend bearing's life's refrigeration equipment's bearing protection device. Include and carry out oily energy level piston oil pipe, carry out oily host computer oil pipe, carry out oily back end bearing oil pipe A to end bearing one side behind the compressor host computer compressor energy level piston, energy level piston oil pipe, host computer oil pipe, back end bearing oil pipe A connect in parallel and oil pump oil -out intercommunication, the oil pump oil -out is parallelly connected back end bearing oil pipe B still, back end bearing oil pipe B and back end bearing oil pipe A set up about bearing axial symmetry. The utility model discloses refrigeration equipment's bearing protection device is extend bearing's life effectively, reduces the compressor -running noise, can also separate lubricating oil under the circumstances of guaranteeing refrigeration equipment compressor steady operation simultaneously and get rid of the oil gas that impact systems is stable.




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