Beak appears, partly surrounds structure urinal


  • Inventors: XIAO ZHU
  • Assignees: 肖柱
  • Publication Date: November 09, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-205677019-U


The utility model provides a subaerial urine drip, solve the smell unpleasant problem of smell of urinal, concretely relates to beak appears, partly surrounds structure urinal. The utility model discloses a beak shape design of urinal can be urinated in effectual collection, reduces the urine and drips on the ground pollution abatement, the use that reduces the water source and manual cleaning's cost, collect in the gas collection of urinal, gas storage cavity through partly surrounding ammonia that the structure gave out in with the urinal as far as possible, reduce freely volatilizing of ammonia, solve niff in the bathroom.




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