Protection against rodents stings hosepipe



The utility model provides a protection against rodents stings hosepipe belongs to the hosepipe field. It has solved the problem that current hosepipe was broken by the teeth easily. This protection against rodents stings hosepipe is taking the sheath of external side including the area body and spacer sleeve, takes external wall and sheath inner wall interval to set up to through the splice bar connection, and be equipped with a plurality of steel wires in the sheath, steel wire along sheath length direction setting, and follow sheath circumference equipartition. Owing to be equipped with a plurality of steel wires in the sheath, consequently after the mouse stings bad sheath, can utilize the steel wire to form and stop the structure, with the chronozone body and the setting of sheath interval, avoid the mouse further to destroy the area body, and can avoid taking body drain water, also can conveniently take the rolling of personally experiencing sth. Part of the body through setting up the steel wire simultaneously.




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