Utilize cavity filter of two coaxial impedance techniques



The utility model relates to a cavity filter, concretely relates to utilize cavity filter of two coaxial impedance techniques. Because among the prior art, the volume of uniform impedance syntonizer is great, the nonloaded Q of disc loading technique and step impedance syntonizer is lower, leads to the insertion loss of wave filter great. In order to solve the problems, the utility model provides a wave filter, its characteristics are exactly the conductor at a barrel structure of column inner conductor open end increase of syntonizer, and the column inner conductor is visited this conductor and is connected rather than the bottom. The setting of this special structure is compared the uniform impedance syntonizer and has been had more two degrees of freedom, and compare step impedance syntonizer and had more the one degree of freedom, so the utility model discloses a resonance length can be shorter, can reduce the size of wave filter, simultaneously the utility model discloses improve into beta -barrel structure to the terminal part of step impedance syntonizer column inner conductor, obviously greatly increased the energy storage space of syntonizer, therefore the nonloaded Q is lower, insertion loss reduces.




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