Sweet potato storage cellar for storing things


  • Inventors: QIAN CHANGYU
  • Assignees: 钱昌禹
  • Publication Date: November 16, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-205681902-U


The utility model discloses a sweet potato storage cellar for storing things, the ceiling of personally experiencing sth. Part of the body including the cellar for storing things and locating cellar for storing things body top is stored the body and ceiling surface and is equipped with the heat preservation. The cellar for storing things body is enclosed to close by the side wall of preceding wall, back wall and both sides and forms, and the preceding jiao men that has offered on the wall is equipped with heating intensification chamber on one of them side wall, and heats intensification chamber department and be equipped with temperature -controlled instrument and ventilation cooling appearance. Store the internal support frame that is equipped with, be equipped with bamboo wood layer on the support frame, and the middle part on bamboo wood layer is equipped with pedestrain passage, and pedestrain passage's both sides form with the side wall and store the storehouse, store and be equipped with futilely humidity automatic controller and a plurality of temperature tester in the storehouse. The utility model discloses sweet potato storage cellar for storing things passes through the design of temperature -controlled instrument and dry humidity automatic controller, and the sweet potato of the internal storage in assurance cellar for storing things that can be fine preserves under an optimum temperature and humidity, has restrained the germ growth, can prevent that the sweet potato is rotten, and then has guaranteed that the play cellar for storing things rate of sweet potato is high, and the germination percentage is high.




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