Add stationary table surface board supporting structure device



The utility model discloses an add stationary table surface board supporting structure device relates to support of table constructional device field. Also guarantee its holistic steadiness in order to make things convenient for workstation fast loading and unloading the time, the utility model discloses in: the downside support is installed in bracket slots, and the downside violently links a card and is violently linking an inslot, and inslot in the upper plate is installed at last flange mouth inslot, well even post to side even riser card, and the rectangle breach has been offered to the lower extreme inboard of side company riser, and offer the screw structure on the outside panel of substrate holder and the knob bolt is installed on this screw. The utility model discloses utilize the substrate holder for the structure benchmark, offer upper plate sinus and last flange mouth groove, and adopt the company's of side riser and well even post rather than the cooperation, it impels the operation to utilize the knob bolt to consolidate the downside support for the downside violently links an offside company riser to be consolidated, makes the steadiness of upside platen strengthened.




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