Muscle pipe production device is moulded to spiral



The utility model relates to a muscle pipe production device is moulded to spiral, muscle pipe production device is moulded to spiral includes the casing, rotary sleeve and body calibrator, fixed mounting has body calibrator on the casing, still rotate on the casing and install the rotary sleeve, rotatory ways is outside body calibrator, body calibrator's surface is equipped with at least one annular silo, still be equipped with the feed channel that one end and annular silo are linked together in the body calibrator, the opening of the second end that each guide was said staggers on body calibrator's length direction each other, be equipped with on the casing with body calibrator's the inner chamber feed inlet of intercommunication each other. The device is through unique structural design and a great deal of concrete constructed specification's improvement to can gain a great deal of profitable technological effect, have good application prospect and industrialization production potential moulding muscle pipe technical field.




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