Optic fibre early warning wiper



The utility model discloses an optic fibre early warning wiper, including crank, master connecting -rod, wiper, optical fiber tube and laser instrument, the crank is connected with driving system, and the crank outer end is connected with the master connecting -rod, and the master connecting -rod outer end is connected with the auxiliary connecting rod, and the auxiliary connecting rod both ends are connected with the rocker respectively, and the rocker setting is on the mount, and the rocker upper end is connected with wiper. Wiper includes and main support, assistant support and rubber doctor -bar is provided with the optical fiber tube on main support, assistant support and the rubber doctor -bar, is provided with the laser instrument in the rocker, and the laser instrument output is connected with the optical fiber tube input. This optic fibre early warning wiper is provided with laser instrument and optical fiber tube on wiper, and the optical fiber tube arranges on whole wiper, can realize the sweep of large tracts of land early -warning singal when wiper scrubs, can effectively strengthen the early -warning singal, helps reducing traffic hidden danger.




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