Garbage truck with sewage case



The utility model relates to a sanitation equipment technical field, in particular to garbage truck with sewage case, rear side below in garbage truck carriage is provided with the sewage case, and the sewage that the mesh is arranged in the leakage of collection vehicle railway carriage or compartment to come out is seted up to sewage case one side up, and the cavity of sewage case is used for accomodating the sewage of collecting, the bottom of sewage case or the outlet that side bottom position department seted up the intercommunication cavity, outlet department is provided with the valve and is used for the closure or opens the outlet. Through setting up the sewage case, to collect sewage, the rethread outlet discharges sewage to the assigned position when transporting the rubbish station, can avoid the leakage of sewage in the transfer process like this, just also can not produce secondary pollution, and this simple structure, convenience can directly install additional on current garbage truck, and be with low costs.




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