Brake fluid dehydrating unit



The utility model discloses a brake fluid dehydrating unit, including the alembic, install heating coil in the alembic, heating coil's both ends extend to the outside of alembic, and heating coil's both ends pass through the wire and connect the block terminal, and wire and heating coil's junction cover has insulating set, the vacuum pump is installed at the top of alembic, and the air inlet of vacuum pump communicates with each other with the alembic is inside, and the gas outlet of vacuum pump is connected with the blast pipe, just install humidity transducer in the blast pipe, the utility model discloses rational in infrastructure, the effect that wholly dehumidifies is outstanding, adopts dual dehumidification, has wholly reduced dehumidizer's use amount for holistic use cost is lower, consequently accords with industrialization production more.




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