Substrate processing apparatus, substrate processing method, and vacuum-drying device



【課題】スリットノズルを使用するスピンレス塗布法において塗布処理直後に行われる減圧乾燥処理の効率性の向上および処理時間の短縮化を実現するとともに、減圧乾燥処理後のレジスト塗布膜の膜質均一性を向上させる。 【解決手段】レジスト塗布ユニットで当該基板Gに対して右辺G R から左辺G L に向かって塗布走査する第2モードが選択されたときは、減圧乾燥ユニット(VD)52では、減圧乾燥処理中に左側のガス噴出部102を選択的に作動させて右側のガス噴出部104を止めておくような気流制御が行われる。この場合、手前(左側)の排気ポート100a,100bの排気流路が閉められ、向かい側(右側)の排気ポート100c,100dを通じてチャンバ内の排気が行われる。 【選択図】 図6
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve the efficiency of vacuum-drying processing and shorten the processing time just after coating in a spinless coating method using slit nozzles, and to enhance the uniformity of quality of a coated resist film after vacuum-drying processing. SOLUTION: When a second mode in which a substrate G is scan-coated by a resist application unit from a right side G R to a left side G L is selected, gas stream control is performed by a vacuum-drying unit (VD)52 such that a gas jetting part 102 on the left is selectively actuated and a gas jetting part 104 on the right is stopped during vacuum-drying processing. In this gas stream control, gas exhaustion flow channels in gas exhaustion ports 100a and 100b on the upstream side (left side) are closed, and then the gas in the chamber is exhausted through gas exhaustion ports 100c and 100d on the opposite side (right side). COPYRIGHT: (C)2011,JPO&INPIT




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