Power-supply apparatus and inverter



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a power-supply apparatus and an inverter capable of improving power-transmitting efficiency in a whole of electric-power transmitting grid, improving power-supply quality on consuming electric power, and on the other hand sufficiently enabling to reduce whole power-generating volume in an electric-power company lower than a current level. SOLUTION: The power-supply apparatus can materialize utility form of electric power characteristically to improve the power-transmitting efficiency in all of the electric-power transmitting grid, and to improve the power-supply quality on consuming the electric power, not by consuming surplus power accumulated in general consumers' secondary batteries at their own houses, but by supplying extremely high-quality power with stable frequency and voltage to districts covered by distributing substations. COPYRIGHT: (C)2011,JPO&INPIT
【解決手段】一般需要家の二次電池に蓄えられている余剰電力を一般需要家が単に消費するのでなく、周波数と電圧が安定した極めて高品質の電力を、配電用変電所の供給地域に供給することにより、電気送電網全体の送電効率を向上させ、電力消費時の給電品質も向上させることが、特長である電気利用形態を現出させる電力供給装置。 【効果】 本願発明を利用すれば電気送電網全体の送電効率を向上させ、電力消費時の給電品質も向上させ、電力会社における総発電量は逆に、現在より少なくすることも十分可能となる。 【選択図】 図3




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