Bearing part, bearing, and bearing part inspection method



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an inspection method for quantitatively and simply assuring nitrogen concentration in a bearing part which has undergone a carbonitriding treatment, as well as bearing parts and a bearing in which the nitrogen concentration is quantitatively assured.SOLUTION: An inner ring 1, an outer ring 2 and a ball 3, which are the bearing parts, are formed from JIS standard SUJ2 and each have a carbonitrided layer formed on the surface. After a heat treatment at a heating temperature of 500°C and a retention time of 1 hour, the Vickers hardness of a position at a depth of 30 μm from the surface is at least 130 HV higher than the Vickers hardness of the core, which is a region where the carbonitrided layer has not been formed in the thickness direction of the bearing part.
【課題】浸炭窒化処理された軸受部品の窒素濃度を、定量的かつ簡便に保証する検査方法、さらに窒素濃度が定量的に保証された軸受部品および軸受を提供する。 【解決手段】軸受部品としての内輪1、外輪2、玉3は、JIS規格SUJ2からなり、表面に浸炭窒化層が形成された軸受部品であって、加熱温度が500℃、保持時間を1時間とした熱処理を行なった後において、当該表面から30μmの深さの位置におけるビッカース硬度が、軸受部品の厚み方向において浸炭窒化層が形成されていない領域である芯部におけるビッカース硬度より130HV以上高い。 【選択図】図1




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