Top-hinged fitting of pivot device



【課題】開き扉の吊り込み時にピボット軸を扉枠側の支持具の軸受穴から外れることなく確実に、且つ簡単に枢着し、しかも、部品点数が少ない構造の簡略な軸釣装置の上吊り金具を提供する。 【解決手段】上吊り金具H2は、開き扉の吊り込み時、ダンパ35がピボット軸55ごとダンパケース40のガイド穴44の深さ方向上下に押し下げ自在の状態で、頭部31aの押下操作具32がガイド穴44から突出した高さ位置にあり、それ故、押下釦部32bに指を掛けてダンパごとピボット軸の先端軸部55aを付勢ばね45に抗して押し下げ、いったんガイド穴に引っ込めてから、押下釦部から指を外すと、付勢ばねの付勢力でダンパごとピボット軸が突出して支持具20の軸受穴25に嵌合する構成になっている。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a top-hinged fitting of a pivot device, which makes a pivot shaft surely and easily pivoted without coming off a bearing hole of a supporting implement on a door frame side when a hinged door is suspended, and which has a simple structure using a small number of components.SOLUTION: In the top-hinged fitting H2, a push-down operation implement 32 of a head 31a is in a height position to protrude from a guide hole 44, while a dumper 35 can be freely pushed upward and downward in the depth direction of the guide hole 44 of a dumper case 40 together with the pivot shaft 55, when the hinged door is suspended. Thereby, a leading end shaft 55a of the pivot shaft is pushed down against an urging spring 45 together with the dumper by hooking a person's finger on a push-down button portion 32b, and recedes into the guide hole. Subsequently, when his/her finger is released from the push-down button portion, the pivot shaft is protruded together with the dumper through an urging force of the urging spring, and fitted into the bearing hole 25 of the supporting implement 20.




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