Device for control of idle rotation speed of internal combustion engine



【課題】気筒群毎に吸入空気量を調整するスロットルバルブを有する内燃機関のアイドル回転数制御装置において、ISC学習値が初期値からスタートする場合に、各気筒群の吸入空気量差を迅速に低減する。 【解決手段】左右バンクの吸入負荷率の差の絶対値が第1判定閾値以上ある場合、当該吸入負荷率の差の絶対値が減少するように、左バンクの目標吸入空気量および右バンクの目標吸入空気量を増減制御する手段と、フィードバック補正後の目標吸入空気量および前記増減制御後の目標吸入空気量に基づいて学習値を更新する学習値更新手段と、学習値更新速度を「学習促進モード」と、「通常学習モード」との間で切替える学習モード切替手段と、を備え、学習モードが「学習促進モード」である場合、左バンクの吸入負荷率と右バンクの吸入負荷率との差の絶対値|KL_L−KL_R|が第2判定閾値β未満となるまで(ST53)「学習促進モード」を継続する。 【選択図】図6
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To promptly reduce a difference in intake-air volume of each cylinder group in an idle rotation speed control device for an internal combustion engine having a slot valve for controlling the intake-air volume for each cylinder group when an ISC (Idle Speed Control) learning value is started from an initial value.SOLUTION: The idle rotation speed control device includes: a controller for controlling the increase and decrease in a target intake-air volume of the left bank and in a target intake-air volume of the right bank so that an absolute value of a difference in an intake load factor decreases when the absolute value of the difference in the intake load factor of both banks is a first determination threshold or more; a learning value updater for a learning value based on the target intake-air volume in which a feed-back correction is made, and the target intake-air volume in the control of the increase and decrease is made; and a learning mode switcher for switching a learning value renewing speed between "learning promotion mode" and "normal learning mode". When the learning mode is "learning promotion mode", the "learning promotion mode" is continued until an absolute value | KL_L-KL_R | of a difference in the intake load factor between both left and right banks becomes less than a second determination threshold β (ST53).




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