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【課題】被接続部材に付着している異物を、被接続部材を傷付けることなく除去できるコンタクト部材を提供すること。 【解決手段】被接続部材を挿入接続するコネクタに使用されるコンタクト部材5であって、ばね部材15と導体フィルム16とを有する。ばね部材は被接続部材の挿入方向に整列された第1及び第2のばね部7,8を有する。導体フィルム16は、第1及び第2のばね部を取り囲んだ絶縁フィルム16aと、絶縁フィルムの表面に形成された導電路16bとを有する。導電路は第2のばね部に対応した位置に被接続部材のパッド1aに接触し電気的接続をする第1の接点部16cを有する。第1のばね部に対応した導体フィルムの表面部は被接続部材のパッドが摺動接触してパッド上の異物を排除するクリーニング部16eを形成している。 【選択図】図4A
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a contact member which allows a contaminant attaching to a connected member to be removed without damaging the connected member.SOLUTION: A contact member 5 is used in a connector which a connected member is inserted in and connected to. The contact member has a spring member 15 and a conductor film 16. The spring member has first and second spring portions 7 and 8 laid out along an insertion direction of the connected member. The conductor film 16 has an insulating film 16a surrounding the first and second spring portions and a conducting path 16b formed on a surface of the insulating film. The conducting path has a first contact portion 16c for making an electrical connection in contact with a pad 1a of the connected member in a position corresponding to the second spring portion. A surface portion of the conductor film corresponding to the first spring portion forms a cleaning portion 16e. The cleaning portion removes a contaminant on the pad of the connected member when the pad comes into slide-contact therewith.




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